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Laser processing‘s advantage in food machinery
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1.Safe and health: Safety and health: laser cutting is a non-contact processing, which is very clean and suitable for food machinery production.

2.Narrow and small cutting seam: the cutting seam is between 0.10 and 0.20mm.

3.Smooth surface: laser cutting surface doesn’t have any burrs. So laser can be used to cut various thickness of the plate and the truncated surface is very smooth.  Secondary processing is not needed and it can directly build high-grade food machinery.

4.Fast cutting speed: it largely increases productivity.

5.Suitable for large-scale processing: mold manufacturing cost of large pieces is very high, while laser cutting doesn’t need any mold cost and can completely avoid folded edge occurring on punching material. It remarkably reduces production costs and improves the quality of food machinery.

6.Suitable for developping new products: Once the new drawings are formed, it can immediately is processed by laser in short time. It can effectively promote the upgrading of food machinery.

7.Saving materials: it uses computer programming which can cut different shapes of products in the same piece of material. It maximizes to increase utilization of materials and reduce the cost of food machinery production