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product name:3020 Ordinary 40W CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

1.    After oxidation treatment,all aluminum parts are processed by CNC machine and work piece error is 0.1mm.
2.    Water level indicator is equipped.
3.    Multifunctional socket is equipped which makes water pump and fan installation easy.
4.    Stainless steel hexagon screw is applied which is difficult to get rusty.
5.    Bearing cover is made by PEEK steel which has friction resistance and heat resistance features. Spring is made by stainless steel which can protect it from rusty and keep good resilience.
6.    Big smoke outlet and double fan design is good for discharge smoke and large area engraving.
7.    Multifunction display screen is easy for operation and friendly human - machine interface.
8.    Embedded HTK linear guide rail makes the machines life time can be 10 years.
9.    Double coupling design makes engraving operation more stable.
10.  Gallery has 2000 pieces of documents, laser anti-counterfeit fingerprints and thousands of fronts. 
1.Laser power:40W
3.Laser power supply:MYJG-40 40W CO2 power supply
4.Engraving mainboard:LaserDRW  and CoreLDRAW,etc.
6.Machine size:850x500x250mm
7.Max engraving area:330x210mm
8.Max stamp area:195x75mm
9.Place item area:425x210m
10.Engraving accuracy: 0.8x0.8mm,data,English character
11.Eletric l power consumption:210W
Application materials
Apply on jade,MDF,metal,paper,leather,plastic,rubber,crystal and other non metal material.