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product name:800W YAG Laser Cutting Power Supply

  YAG lamp pump pulse laser power supply for cutting(constant voltage type) is controlled by DSP. User can cut different thickness of metal sheets through setting laser power (adjust voltage), working frequency, pulse width. There are kinds of optional power supply of different output power according to the different usage.The single-lamp Power≤10kW,double-lamp Power≤20kW(Laser Power:800w) is the standard configuration.
2. Features:
  1.Xenon lamp power control is constant voltage control, current rising without delay, single pulse output laser energy large.
  2.Adjustable range of laser frequency, better high frequency laser output mode, longer life of xenon lamp, cutting speed faster and the kerf smaller.
  3.Mixed control of DSP and analog circuit, make power control easier and more stable.
  4.Multiple protection function of internal power supply, improves the product reliability greatly.
  5.Product operating fault detection and alarming. Simple faults can be debugged quickly by the users themselves.
  6.Power output parameter can be programmed and communicate with host computer. It can be also set and operated easily.
  7.Laser out by manual operating is convenient to test.
  8.Power supply is small in size and it is a modular construction, easier for installation and transportation.
3. Specifications:
  Input Voltage:Three-phase four –wire AC 380V±10%,47-63HZ
  Pumping Lamp Model&Quantity:Pulsed Xenon/2PCS
  Rated Power:≤20Kw(Optical Power:800W)Single lamp Power ≤10Kw
  Output Voltage Range :400VDC——650VDC
  Trigger Voltage Range:20KV——25KV;After the success of light ,Xenon lamp maintaining voltage : 170VDC——250VDC
  Output Peak Current Range:0——225A
  Working Mode:Pulse
  Pulse Width:0.1——1.5Ms
  Laser Frequency:0.1——300Hz(According to the characteristics of the lamp,
  the maximum :500 Hz)
  PF:≧0.9(with adjusting inductance), ≤0.7(without adjusting inductance)
  Working Environment:In the environmental temperature below 35 ℃, dry conditions, air dust <0.01 g/m3, no condensation.
  Display Control Mode:LCD screen display and control
  Precombustion time:real-time
  Continuous Working Time:≥24hr
  Cooling Type:forced air cooling
  Net Weight of Power Boxes:unit 1= 34kg unit2= 33kg
  Enclosure Rack Net Weight(exclude power boxes)(OPTIONS):59kg
  Size of Power Supply
  LxWxH=650mmx500mmx185mm (Charging Box)
  LxWxH=545mmx500mmx185mm(Discharging Box)
  Size of Enclosure Rack(OPTIONS)
  Applicable to YAG lamp pumped laser cutting equipment, processing materials of stainless steel (including pipe), stainless iron (including pipe), galvanized steel sheet, aluminum alloy (including pipe), aluminum, copper, rare metal materials, etc, Cutting thickness from 0.1mm to 8mm.
  Application industries: mechanical and electrical equipment, sheet metal processing, chassis cabinets, stainless steel products, kitchen, lamps, ornaments, auto accessories, glasses, hardware tools, billboard, decoration.