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product name:600W YAG Laser Welding Power Supply

  YAG Pulse laser welding power supply is the product of independent R&D  by our company ,which is high-precision constant-current power supply controlled by DSP, have the function of laser energy negative feedback and current feedback. It is a standard power supply for Nd:YAG pulse laser. Advanced technology , in the same industry is also a leading level.
  The interface is friendly, parameters and state can be display. Users can set kinds of laser waveform and parameters by touch screen. The alarm functions are the water temperature, water flow, water level, over current under/over voltage and phase loss etc. It can almost meet all requirements of laser welding fields. It is the best power for the multi-function laser welding machine. According to the different in the welding applications, the Output Power of power supply is different. And also can customized according to customer demand for processing.The power is double lamp=18kw(optical power 600w).
  1. The controlled functions of power supply are accomplished by software program. Fast respond, without adjustment hardware, good consistency, in-system programmable and upgrade to match the different users requirements.
  2. Adopt the modularized and intelligent control design. The touch screen displays the information and operates the control system. Single-lamp, double-lamp even four-lamp pumping lamp power supply system is optional for users.
  3. Special optical energy feedback function. The laser energy automatic governing function of optoelectronic conversion sampling can make sure the error value of the laser output energy reduced to less than ±2%.
  4. Power supply can compensate the laser energy attenuation caused by Xenon lamp attenuation within limit. It can prompt user to replace the Xenon lamp or clean cavity of lamp(optional) when beyond the limit.
  5. Real-time monitoring the false signal like water temperature, water flow and water level, it can send false alarms ,even can shut off automatically if necessary.
  6. Using intelligent optical shutter control, it can block out laser light completely.
  7. Real-time counting control during processing, and can be reset at anytime.
  8. 32 groups parameters can be set up:
  Every inflection width:00.0 ---- 30.0 ms(24 inflection points can be set up totally)
  Every inflection amplitude:000.0% ------ 100.0%(24 inflection points can be set up totally)
  9. stable current modulation pulse output waveform, long term continuous failure-free operation.
  10. Function of power monitoring and power negative feedback control, that realize standardizing laser processing technology.
  11. Laser output frequency can get 300 Hz.(Standard value is 100Hz)
  12. The key components are all from import for quality guarantee.
  13. I/O interface, convenient for user to control welding machine.
  14. It has higher reliability, smaller volume, the anti-interference ability is powerful.
Input Voltage TN-C,380V±10%,50Hz
Pumping lamp quantity  2 pcs
Rated power 18kw(600w)
Working way Pulse
Display control mode Touch screen display and control
Pulse width 0.02~30.0ms
Modulated current 20A-250A(current feedback),testing exclude the unstable factors of resonator
Laser frequency 1Hz~100Hz
Max. single pulse energy 140J(600W)(Test frequency:1Hz)
Energy feedback Pulse energy Instability <±2%
Alarm record For the last 6 group alarm information record
Precombustion time About 1 minute
Cooling way Forced air cooling
Continuous working time 24 Hours
Spot welding count 1~9999
Memory capacity 32 group of laser power supply parameters, each group of the most and period of waveform Settings.
Time: 00.0-30.0 ms (there are 24 inflection points can be set)
Range: 000.0% - 100.0% (there are 24 inflection points can be set)
To set the energy: energy negative feedback show when theoretical wave energy, current negative feedback without display.
Environment In the environmental temperature below45 ℃drying conditions used, air dust <0.01 g/m3, ask no condensation.
Power size Chamber 530[626]mmx250[314]mmx456.5[456.5]mm
Trunk 530[626]mm(W)x430[504]mm(D)x300[300]mm(H)
In the brackets are including fixed support length value and including the width of the copper busbar behind value.
Net weight Chamber 30 kg/box
Trunk 46 kg/box
Power box number Former box1and afterbox2(double lamp configuration)

  This product is the rational distribution of the laser welding equipment, which is the optical power under the 600w, the conversion mode is current or energy. It is not only weld the same materials together like Ti, Ni, Sn, Zn, Cu, Al, Cr, Nb, Au, Ag, alloy, steel, the KOVAR alloy etc,but also weld the different metal materials like Cu-Ni, Ni-Ti, Cu-Ti, Ti-Mo, Brass-Cu, low carbon steel-Cu etc.
  Application industries: Mobile, Electronic components, Clock glasses, Jewelry accessories, Hardware products, Precision instrument, Medical appliances, Auto parts, Power battery, and Craft gifts etc.