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product name:LC1390S CO2 Mix-Cutting Machine

LC1390S is our latest high-precision laser cutting equipment. Mechanical systems using high-precision Ball Screw Driver Mechanism, X, Y direction of transmission using split design, which are an excellent solution for the reduction of cutting precision of the traditional laser cutting machine caused by the interference cutting trajectory. Cutting path becomes more smoother. Excellent electrical system design, system stability and high interference. With advanced Real-time embedded DSP laser cutting control system, run faster, and speed automatically matches the laser intensity, the effect of cutting corners to achieve the perfect consistency. Imported high-precision optical system optical components, a substantial increase in the efficiency of light reflection and focusing effect, greatly improving the efficiency of laser energy control, work piece quality and class.

1.Control system: high-speed DSP real-time motion control system that supports computer-
to-output and U disk and other files directly read mode;
2.Adopt the U.S. Ⅱ - Ⅵ high-performance optical Reflecting Mirrors, Focusing Lens;
3.TBI Taiwanese high-precision Ball Screw Driver, which ensure the accuracy of the system working;
4.Imported high-performance servo motor;Y double-screw drive shaft, cutting trajectory smooth. 

1.Laser power : 150w
2.Cutting area :1,300X900mm
3.Position accuracy:+/-0.05mm
4.Cutting thickness :25mm (max)
5.Cutting speed :20m/min (max)
6.Machine weight:500kg
7.Power demand:220V+/-10%/40A
 Applicable materials 
Rubber, plastic, organic, glass,  leather,  ceramic, crystal, jade bamboo, wood, paper ,acrylic ,electronics and other nonmetal materials. 

Applicable industries
Packaging, leather  printing , advertisement decorating building upholster  , arts and crafts, model , ,electronics and  other industry.