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product name:LC1325M CO2 Mix Cutting Machine

1.LC1325M is a mixing cutting machine, specialized in cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, MDF and acrylic.High efficiency: The cutting speed of 1mm stainless steel is 1800 mm/min.20mm acrylic with perfect cutting quality.
2.RC1325M machine is matched with the Panasonic Servo System and high precision.ball-screw system to ensure the high precision, running stable and long-operation.
3.The sheet metal is not flat. But the system can sense a distance from the nozzle to the metal surface and follow the surface up and down to automatically adjust the certain focus distance for keeping high precision cutting quality.
4.The laser beam is expanding, so the bigger the working area is, the more difficult the machine is to get the same cutting quality over the whole working area. The fixed beam optical system can guarantees the consistent beam power and quality over the whole working area so that the machine can get the same cutting quality.
5.High efficiency, high precision, stable performance and long life.
Low running cost about 5KVA/hour.
1. 150W  high quality CO2 laser tube.
2. High precision ball-screw system
3. Panasonic Servo System
4. Untouched following system
5. Fixed beam optical system
6. Industrial chiller
7. Off-computer controlling system
1.    Laser  power:150W
2.    Working table size:1250x2500mm
3.    Position accuracy:0.05mm
4.    Position speed:20m/min
5.    Weight:1000Kg
6.    Power supply:220V and 10A
Laser power 150w
Material Acrylic MDF Stainless steel Carbon steel
Cutting thickness 30mm 10mm 1.2mm 1.2mm
150W Cutting speed
Material Cutting thickness Cutting speed (mm/min)
Stainless steel 0.5mm 2700
1mm 1800
1.2mm 1000-1200
Carbon steel 0.5mm 3000
1mm 1800
1.2mm 1000-1200
Acrylic 10mm 300
20mm 90-120
MDF 10mm 300-400