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product name:LC1390SA Enhanced CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

1. Use imported high precision ball screw drive
2. Use imported servo drive motor with S&A CW-5000 chiller to protect laser machine work.
3. Independent research and development has monitoring function of laser power supply to protect laser power stabilization
4. Domestic or imported laser source (Optional)
1. Laser Power:130W(Domestic or imported laser source)
2. Working Area:900x1300mm
3. Positioning Accuracy:±0.05mm
4. Positioning Speed:20mm/min
5. Whole size:1600*2303*1227
6. Electricity demand:220V±10%/10A
7. Whole weight:400kg
Applicable materials
Acrylic、MDF、Wood、Perspex、Plastic、Clothes、Paper、Leather、Rubber and other non metal material
Application industry
Advertising, crafts, shoes, toys, computer embroidery cutting, garment industry, model, construction industry
Cutting thickness and speed
Thickness mm/min
10mm Acrylic 300mm/min
20mm Acrylic 60mm/min
30mm Acrylic 30mm/min
9mmMDF 280mm/min
LC1390SA compared with the ordinary belt machine
Advantage LC1390SA Ordinary belt machine
Higher accuracy Import servo motor+ball screw, ensure the consistency of batch processing products. Stepper motor+belt。It could not ensure products have same size when batchprocessing.
Betterstability Professional constant temperature water cooling machine,Temperature control precision±1℃ Usually water tank+water pump(No refrigeration function)
Independent research and development has a monitoring, directed, protective function of highvoltage power supply Ordinary high voltage power supply,don’t have  monitoring and protection function。
Run more smoothly Design of X/Y axis drive to control geometry Design of drive both ends of the belt pulley through the middle belt pulley,Belt tightness can not be consistent
Cutting thicker, more smooth for cutting The max thickness could cut 30mm Acrylic. cutting surface smooth and bright。 It only could cut part of 20mm acrylic in a short time, it doesn’t have smooth and bright cutting surface