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product name:LF10 Fiber Laser Marking Machine

1.Air cooled cooling systerm, easy and quickly installation,USB contacted with any computer and  install softerware easily
2.Use interfaces types: text, graphics, serial number, serial number, a d bar code, 2 d barcode, successive signet (optional equipments), etc
3.Suitable for: anodized sculpture, hand tools deep carved, aluminum a deep carved, stainless steel surface carved black, IC table sculpture, etc.! 
4.Advantages: small volume, avoid consumables, flexible degree is high, use 5-100000 hours and hours without power attenuation problem!

1.Laser type:Ytterbium Fiber
2.Operation  type:Q – switched
3.Laser power :10w
4.Each pulse energy (mj): 0.5 1
5.Laser wavelength (nm):1060 ~ 1070
6.Pulse wave frequency:20 ~ 80 KHz

Applicable Materials
Can be used in wood,paper,leather,cloth,organic glass, epoxy,acrylic,unsaturated poluester resin and other non-metal materials.
Applicable industry
Widely used in leather,food,beverage,cloth,electronic,meter,communication instruments,package and other industries,can be combined with streamline for online marking.