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product name:LR30 CO2 Laser Marking Machine

CO2 laser marking machine is the new generation laser marking system of our company, the machine adopt industrial standardization module design, LR series machine utilize DC excited seal CO2 laser, The tube can work more than 35,000 hours. The machine equip with high speed scaning vibrating lens and extending focusing system, high stability. anti-intervention industrial computer system, high precise vertical up-and-down working table. The machine can work on a continuous 24 working hours in hig stability, high precision, high speed. The patent software bases on windows system.  This machine is easily to operate, and its software has won good feedback from our customers.
1.Max. laser power (W): 30W  50W 100W(optional)
2.Laser wave-length (um): 10.64
3.Laser repetition frequency:<50kHz
4.Standard marking area (mm): 200 x 200 or 300 x 300(optional)
5.Marking depth (mm) : <2mm
6.Marking speed (mm): <7,000
7.Min. line width (mm):0.1
8.Min. character size (mm):0.4
9.Repetition accuracy (mm):±0.01
10.Power consumed (kW): <1200W
11.Electrical source:220V±10% AC, 50Hz,
12.Cooling system:水冷Water cooling
13.Software:Win XP + EZCAD marker system
14.Operating temperature:0℃—30℃
15.Weight: 200kg
Applicable Materials
Can be used in wood,paper,leather,cloth,organic glass, epoxy,acrylic,unsaturated poluester resin and other non-metal materials.

Applicable industry
Widely used in leather,food,beverage,cloth,electronic,meter,communication instruments,package and other industries,can be combined with streamline for online marking.