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product nameļ¼šPortable Fiber Laser Marking Machine


1. It adopts Germany third generation fiber laser. It makes super and fine marking effect. At the same time it doesn’t have consumables, low maintenance and high photoelectric conversion rate.

2. It adopts professional industrial computer which makes the machine can longtime work at bad condition.

3. Integrated built-in design makes client usage easy and offer ideal solution for various industrial processing. New closed type optical path design make this machine have beautiful appearance and stable working performance.

4This machine has compact size and it makes easy handle. The small working table makes focus length adjustment easy which is good for marking small arts and crafts, jewelry and hardware.

5. The digital scanning galvanometer has high anti-interference ability which makes it has no deformation during high speed marking. The Germany IPG high speed canning galvanometer has fast marking speed.

6. It can support BMP,JPG,DXF,PLT,AI and other documents and automatically generate various serial number, production date, one-dimensional code and two-dimension code.

7.It supports rotary marking and automatic segmentation marking at large area XY working table.



1.Laser power:10W,20W,30W,50W

2.Laser wave length:1064nm

3.Laser beam quality:10W(not more than 1.4 at each square meter),20W(not more than 1.4 at each square meter)

4. Repeat frequency rate:20-100KHz

5.Marking line speed: more than12000mm/second

6.Marking thickness: more than 0.5mm(depend on material and laser power)

8.Min character:0.15

9. Repeat accuracy:0.002mm

10. Power consumption: not more than 500W

11. Electrical power:AC110-220VAC 50Hz,5A

12.Cooling method: Air cooling

13. 2D working table is default device. If 3D working table is needed, extra money will be charged. The working table size is 210x150mm.

14. Service time of laser:10000hours and machine service time is 8-10 years.

15.Optional marking area :70x70mm,110x110mm,250x250mm,300x300mm

16.Machine size:650x500x220mm


18. Character type: English character, Truetype,etc

19.Code type:CODE39,EAN standard code,CODE128,EAN shortened code,EAN128 bar code, Datamatrix,PDF417,etc.

20.Laser marking control board: Chinese or other countries marking control board. Location system: red localization

21.Makring software: It can support Chinese or other countries marking softwares.

Applicable Materials

Can be used in wood,paper,leather,cloth,organic glass, epoxy,acrylic,unsaturated poluester resin and other non-metal materials