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product name:SR-1000 Fiber Laser Cutting Head

  Fiber laser  cutting robot’s arm.
  It adopts aviation aluminium alloy and modular design. It makes laser cutting head has structural stability, light weight, easy adjustment  laser cutting head and robot arm easy movement.
  The focus lens mount base adopts drawer type design. It is easy for the lens installation and maintenance.
  The detailed focus point dial scale.  It make focus point adjustment easy , and  increase laser cutting robot’s usability.
  It also makes special optimization on gas system. The gas which is in laser head will flow smoothly.
  It also adopts modular design. According to actual status, spare parts can be selected.
  2. Max. bearable water pressure:3MPa.
  3.Max. bearable air pressure:2.5MPa.
  Spray nozzle’s laser outlet diameter:0.8-1.5mm
  Application power:20-1000W
  Focus lens installation diameter:25.4mm
  Connection mode: Mount board. The clamping chuck and  alignment system.