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product name:WSX-LC-2000 Fiber Laser Cutting Head

This kind laser head has a strong advantage on medium power large format fiber laser cutting application.
Completely sealed internal structure of laser head can avoid optical part polluted by dust.
Two point centering adjustment of laser head, cam structure focusing, easy to precise control.
Protective lens take more convenient replacement drawer installation way. 
Can be equipped with various kind of QBH connectors laser machine.
Max Laser Power: 2000W 
Fit for Laser Machine IPG, SPI, Rofin,nLight, Coherent, Raycus and Max etc. 
Can be connected with QBH plug 
Collimator Focal Length: 75mm, 100mm 
Focal Length: 125mm, 150mm, 200mm  
Vertical Adjustment Range: ±5mm 
Horizontal Adjustment Range:  ±1.5mm 
Clear Aperture: 25mm
Max Cutting Gas Pressure: 25 Bar
Gross Weight: 3.3 kg