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product name:Raycus Medium-power single-mode fiber laser

The third-generation medium-power single-mode continuous fiber laser developed by Raycus ranges from 50W to 1,000W, the new laser has higher electro-optical conversion efficiency (>30%), higher and more stable optical quality, stronger altitude stress-resisting capacity and it applies optimized second-generation fiber transmission system to ensure more stable and more sophisticated cutting effect in thick sheet cutting. This machine applies to many application scenarios: cutting, welding, holing, medical device processing, etc., with a narrow seam of the cut sheet and bright section. Compared with same lasers, it has obvious advantages.
The medium-power single-mode continuous fiber laser series products are completely researched, developed and produced by Raycus independently. Raycus has an efficient and professional R&D and production team. The medium-power single-mode continuous fiber laser developed can not only meet diversified demands of customers to the greatest extent, but also provide personal customization service. Now laser output connector may be QCS or QBH, with multiple control modes. Its good compatibility has been widely recognized by the market. The product has been well sold at home and abroad.
High electro-optical conversion efficiency
Altitude stress-resisting capacity
Sheet cutting efficiency
Customized output fiber length
Optional QCS or QBH connector
Optional air cooling or water cooling
Maintenance-free operation
Wide modulation frequency range
3. Specification:
Item RFL-C100 RFL-C300 RFL-C500 RFL-C750 RFL-C1000
Output laser (W) 100 300 500 750 1000
Wavelength(nm) 1080
Operation mode Continuous / Modulation
Max .dulating frequency(KHz) 50
Output laser stability Less than 30%
Red light Yes
Output conneciton QCS QCS QCS QBH QBH
Laser beam quality(M2) 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.3 1.3
Polarization state Random
Output length of fiber(M) 15
Input voltage 220-240VAC 47-63Hz single phase 340-420VAC Three phase five lines
Control mode External RS232/External AD/Hyper terminal
Laser power adjustment range (%) 10-100
Power consumption(W) 500 1200 2000 3000 4000
Size(mm) 450x240x680 450x240x760
Weight(Kg) Less than 50