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product name:Raycus Narrow pulse-width pulse fiber laser

The brand-new narrow-pulse fiber laser launched by Raycus has a variety of pulse width options, including high average power (10-100W), high-peak power (≤15kW) and 2-350ns, adjustable repetition frequencies of 10-1000kHz, short pulse setup time (<100μs), online modifiable pulse width and other characteristics. It is ideal for industrial applications in the field of solar photovoltaic, thin film cutting, sheet material cutting, welding, surface cleaning of materials, fine marking and material deepening, etc.
Common control interface
Extremely wide operating frequency range
A variety of pulse width options
Online modifiable pulse width
Short pulse setup time
High light beam quality
Air cooling design
Item RFL-P10M RFL-P20M RFL-P100M
Output laser (W) 10 20 100
Center wavelength(nm) 1064
Repeat frequency rate(Hz) 10-1000
Output laser stability Less than3%
Output laser spot diameter(mm) 7
Pulse length(ns) 2-350
Polarization state Random
Output length of fiber(M) 2
Single pulse energy(MJ) 0.25 0.5 1
Input voltage 24VDC
Laser power adjustment range (%) 10-100
Power consumption(W) 120 150 450
Size(mm) 260X391X95 36X390X123
Cooling Air cooling