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product name:Switzerland BT-240 Fiber Laser Cutting Head

BT240 is designed by Raytools AG from Swiss in 2014, mainly for laser power from 1000W to 2000W. (We recommend 1000W, 1500W), supporting different laser powers on market, like IPG, SPI, Raycus…etc.
It has proved stability on many laser cutting machine brands, like Hans laser, Farely, Qiaolian….etc.
Now most China manufacturers use it replace Lasermech laser head.
1. optimized optical configuration and smooth and efficient airflow design
2. knob type of focus adjustment, meticulous and flexible, adjustable range is 20mm, accuracy is 0.05mm.
3.drawer-type of lens mount, quick and easy access to the cover glass
4. nozzle assembly built ring gas-cooled and side-blown structure, in favor of cutting high reflective materials and preventing slab borehole sputtering
5. collimating and focusing lens have water-cooled structure, which can withstand up to 4kw power.
6. collimating and focusing lens can choose of single lens or lens group, which can achieve the best optical quality and the effect of cutting
7. with a variety of optical interfaces, can be adapted with a variety of fiber lasers
8. modular design, can be equipped with crash protection devices or air knife, cutting and welding easily be converted.
9. selection elongated nozzle link unit can be used for three-dimensional cutting.
 Support laser power: 1000W, 1500W, 2000W,
Focus lens option(wave: 1025-1080nm): 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm(2D).
Optical through aperture: 25mm,
Cutting nozzle: 1.0mm—3.0mm,
Cutting nozzle type: single layer, double-layer, and other customized nozzle.
Gas pressure: Max 30Bar.
Gross weight: 2.5kg.
Focus range option( wave: 1025-1080nm): 60mm, 75mm, 100mm,
Optical through aperture: 28mm,
Fiber connector: QBH, LLK-B, QD