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product name:RD metal/non metal laser cutting controller


Metal and non-metal laser cutting system is based on the RDC6332Mmotion controller.Employed with thin metal plate and non-metal laser cutting techniques, this control system is suitable for non-metal laser cutting and metal laser cutting.

1.System encryption and parameters storage on board, file storage capacity is up to 256M.

2.Customized boot screen, controller kernel program upgrade remotely
3.2-way digital/analog laser control interface
4.Dedicated RF laser control interface
5.At most 4-axis stepper/servo motor open/closed loop control
6.Soft/ hard limit coordinates protection for optional
7.Linear, circular arc and B Spline interpolation
8.Flexible dedicated LFS interface, supporting many manufactory’s LFS system
9.Support various metal cutting technology control

1.Digital laser control signals, differential output, TTL level, up to 20mA driving capability
2.PWM frequency can be adjusted from 2.5KHz to 100KHz. PWM duty ratio is 1%~99%

3.Laser power control: analog voltage, 0~5V adjustable according to the motor control signal differential output, TTL level, 20mA driving capability, the max. motor control pulse frequency is 500KHZ.
4.The USB max. transmission speed is 12 Mbps, the longest distance is 5 meter.

5.4-way generalphotoelectric isolation OC gate output, the max.drive capability is 600mA.
6.Linear/ circular/B Spline interpolation precision: +/-0.5pulse
7.4-way generalphotoelectric isolation, TTL level