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product name:A Series CO2 Laser Tube

1. Feature:
  A series CO2 tube is our new patent products with better spot, power and life thanks for imported lens from Ⅱ-Ⅵ company, advanced production processing and catalytic reduction technology coating, which are praised at home and abroad customers. A6S & A8 laser tube features with international new catalyst technology improved coating firmness and catalytic reduction capability,gas filled, exhaust process improving promise the gas purity in the chamber, which extend the life of the laser tube. At the same time, the laser beam waist adjusting, promise the beam quality meet quasi-monomode, which makes A6S & A8 laser tueb more suitable to cut thin metal and thick non-metal plate.

Model Length   (mm) Diameter   (mm) Min Power(W) Max Power(W) Catalyzer Service time        (hour) Warranty
A8 CO2 laser tube 1850 80 150 180 Yes 10000 12
A6 CO2 laser tube 1650 80 130 180 Yes 10000 12
A4 CO2 laser tube 1400 80 100 120 Yes 10000 12
A2 CO2 laser tube 1250 80 80 100 Yes 10000 12